I was really going back and forth on whether to start a blog or not. It would take up quite some time to post regularly, do research on topics and in the beginning it takes some courage to put yourself out there. But I also think that a blog will let you grow in the things you write about. If you decide to publish your thoughts, you will naturally do some more research on a topic. You will try to understand even that tiny bit that you would normally just take for granted. For me, it hopefully helps me to become an IT expert, eventually. Furthermore I have the possibility to explain matters in English, which is not my first language and it might even help me to get in touch with some of you to talk tech and discuss trends. So I decided, I could only benefit from it and if I stuck to it, I’d create a profile of someone with a knowledge base about certain topics which might be a helpful career step as well.

Your online identity and what it’s worth

I am working as an employee in a large company and I’m doing BizTalk development. When I joined the team I was immediately pointed to Sandro Pereira’s Blog, he is the name for that topic. So why do we turn to certain people or blogs for specific matters? Because these people built a brand and a blog is a good way to start this. You don’t need to reach such a level, Pereira is a Microsoft MVP and conference speaker, but you can build a portfolio that represents you and what you know. Even better, it shows you really have an affinity for what you write about. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t have done it and you wouldn’t have stuck to it. A blog does not grow over night, it takes work, dedication and time. But if – in some time in the future – you need or want to take the next step in your work life, you have something that proves you do have an idea about a few things.

Stepping into the community

Publishing posts will certainly help you to take deeper looks into matters because who wants to post rubbish on the internet (there certainly isn’t published any yet), but best case is, it will help others as well. I remember when I released my first open source widget for the MagicMirror and when I received my first fork. Then I received my first star and naturally the first bug. It meant, people used it, they even liked it. I did something that I really wanted, but I gave it to the community and a few actually benefitted. I liked that.

So that is what I try to achieve with this blog. Sanitize my thoughts, harden my knowledge about things I’m interested in, learn new things and try things out. Giving things back to the IT community that provided me so many insights and eventually I also hope to build an online identity that shows I (most of the time) have an idea about what’s going on in our tech world.

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