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Just my two cents about things going on in the world. Mostly about IT Sec, Privacy, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and things like that. Sometimes a bit of light reading.

A Dystopia becomes Reality – A Social Credit Score to rate them all

It was funny, maybe even a bit scary, when I watched the movie The Circle with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks a few weeks ago. It’s a movie that draws a future in which we are surveilled 24/7. Not by the government, but by ourselves through social media. Our social behavior is the center of our lives. If everyone knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t be in danger any more. People would act sincere. At least that’s the premise. Just a few days later I read about Chinas attempt to implement a Social Credit Score by 2020 that follows the same idea. That’s when it hit me, our reality is now actually worse than what we see in movies. How can that be? When did we overtake the dystopian sci-fi movies and actually created something even darker?

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Let’s become an IT expert with having a blog

I was really going back and forth on whether to start a blog or not. It would take up quite some time to post regularly, do research on topics and in the beginning it takes some courage to put yourself out there. But I also think that a blog will let you grow in the things you write about. If you decide to publish your thoughts, you will naturally do some more research on a topic. You will try to understand even that tiny bit that you would normally just take for granted. For me, it hopefully helps me to become an IT expert, eventually. Furthermore I have the possibility to explain matters in English, which is not my first language and it might even help me to get in touch with some of you to talk tech and discuss trends. So I decided, I could only benefit from it and if I stuck to it, I’d create a profile of someone with a knowledge base about certain topics which might be a helpful career step as well.

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